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vrf Serial Port Upper Limit in VEE 8.0 & IO Libs 14.2

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 11, 2007
Hello VRF,

I am needing to build a test system requiring 40 COM (serial) ports using VEE 8.0 (with the 8.01 patch) and IO Libs 14.2.

If this will work, I plan to use five (05) - USB to 8 serial port converters in a Dell Optiplex 745 mini-tower computer running XP Pro.  I have used one of these converters in the past with no problems.  If this does not work, then I am forced into a matrix switch or something else equally bad.

However, I have experienced COM port limitations with VEE 5.01 and the "M" IO Libs.  Even though the OS could recognize a larger number of ports, VEE 5.01 could not.  I remember not being able to go beyond 13 ports.

Does anyone have experience using multiple USB-COM converters?  If so, this upper limit number would be great information.

Thanks in advance,

George Tyrrell
TestDynamics LLC
Thornton, Colorado

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