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Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 11, 2008
Dear VEE uers,

I realize that this post is not VEE related, but I believe it will be of interest.

Martin Rowe
Test & Measurement World.


Beginning in the T&MW August print issue, we'll replace the "Project Profile" column with "Test Ideas." Test Ideas will focus on how an engineer solved a test and measurement problem. For the first few issues, we'll use content submitted to our sister publication EDN for the "Design Ideas" column that have some test application. For example, the August issue will feature a three-chip circuit that lets you generate a low-distortion audio-frequency sine wave.

While we have a few circuits that we can use to get the series going, we need to hear from you. Feel free to submit your ideas for how you solved a test or measurement problem. Your ideas need not involve building a circuit at the component level, although we welcome those. Your idea can revolve around software you wrote to solve a test problem or perhaps some clever mechanical or electronic interface you developed to connect your device to test equipment. Or, perhaps you figured out how to use a little known or undocumented feature in your test equipment. You should also submit ideas for how you configured test equipment for a particular task.

We will pay $150 for published submissions.

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