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vrf Find instruments in Instrument Manager

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 22, 2005
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"><HTML><HEAD><META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=us-ascii"><META NAME="Generator" CONTENT="MS Exchange Server version 6.0.6603.0"><TITLE>Find instruments in Instrument Manager</TITLE></HEAD><BODY><!-- Converted from text/rtf format --><P><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">Hi all,</FONT></P><P>        <FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">I have a question that involves the instrument manager.  I have VEE version 6.2 and 7.0 installed on this computer.  My configuration for 6.2 is C:Documents and SettingsLockheedMartinLocal SettingsApplication DataAgilentVEE  My configuration for 7.0 C:Documents and SettingsLockheedMartinLocal SettingsApplication DataAgilentAgilent VEE  When I bring programs up in 6.2 my find instruments radial button works normal.  When I call up Vee 7.0 or other programs written in 6.2 while in 7.0 the find instruments radial button feature is grayed out?</FONT></P><P>        <FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">Do I have to uninstall 6.2 to regain the functionality in 7.0?  Or am I doing something else wrong? Any comments, as always are greatly appreciated!</FONT></P><P><FONT COLOR="#0000FF" SIZE=5 FACE="Script">Larry A. Cote'</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">Test Methods Engineer</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems & Sensors</FONT><BR><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">E-mail:</FONT> <FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE=2 FACE="Courier New"></FONT></P>---<BR>You are currently subscribed to vrf as:<BR>To subscribe send a blank email to "".<BR>To unsubscribe send a blank email to "".<BR>To send messages to this mailing list,  email "".  <BR>If you need help with the mailing list send a message to "".</BODY></HTML>