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vrf VEE CallableServer and .NET C

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 15, 2008

Hello everyone,

I try to use the callable vee server with a program written with C# and its .NET framework.

I must say before that I'm not very familiar with C# yet, but, after reading, and doing instructions given in the 'callserv.chm' help file,
I encounter a problem with the '' method, especially with 'variant' variables. This type doesn't exist with C#.

I tried many ways to retrieve output values from a 'UserFunction' with a simple VEE program.

In best case, execution of my program is ok, but values are not passed.
In worst, I catch an exception from VEE server about wrong number of returned values.

I have no more ideas about what I could do with this, ref object).

If someone has a sample of code, or explanations.

Thank you.

PS : I use VEE Pro and VEE runtime v8.5
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