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vrf How to change the address of an instrument on GPIB

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 3, 2005

> I can not change the address of any instrument on GPIB14 interface.
> Lab 3-1 of the advanced manual (C:My DocumentsVEE ProgramsAdv
SolutionsLab 3-1.vee)
> is a sample program that just changes the address of a DMM and it simply
does not work for me...

For those of us who don't have Lab 3-1, are you
  1) trying to change the GPIB address of the instrument itself?
      -- not all instruments can change their address over the bus.
         You would have to refer to the instrument manual to know for sure.
      -- and I wouldn't recommend doing this dynamically in a program.
         The address should be set manually, documented, cast in concrete -
don't change it.
  2) or are you just trying to change the address that VEE uses?
     -- That is, have VEE scan GPIB for the instrument it wants and lock on
to it?

Les Hammer
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