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vrf Running two processes of VeePro Runtime

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 29, 2005

I've never had much success trying to get two VEE processes running. It's
always a question of time - not memory or anything. One VEE process loads
the CPU up in the 90%+ range (according to taskman) and two peg the meter.
At that point each one runs like molasses uphill in January.

I've never tried this with runtime and I've never tried it (fully) with
anything greater than VEE 5.01. Maybe 7 runtime is more forgiving?

> When the VEE process sees the GRANT bit then it can proceed.

How does that work software-wise? Are you polling a bit in a VEE loop or is
VEE waiting on a bit toggle - similar to a POLL with a mask?

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