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vrf Populating Arrays

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 17, 2005
Hello vrf

>Place the entry on the clipboard and then paste it to the console with
>PostMessage(hWnd, 0x0112, 0xf100, 0x20), SendKeys "ep{Enter}". This
>basically presses Alt+Space then hits the e, p and Enter keys.

What does the hex values mean, and what is the purpose of the postmessage

i can see that the prototype for postmessage is:

BOOL PostMessage(

    HWND  hwnd,     // handle of destination window
    UINT  uMsg,     // message to post
    WPARAM  wParam,     // first message parameter
    LPARAM  lParam      // second message parameter

but how does one get the hex values ?


Henrik Rune Jakobsen

Undg pop-ups med MSN Toolbar - hent den gratis!

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