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Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 5, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2007 by yarien
Hello all...
We control a piece of external HW that we need to upgrade, I did all the initial code and it was done in VEE and I intend to continue using VEE for this of the new requirements is the idea of a time based license, (HW/SW features enabled during either as a a trial periods or as a monthly subscription fee that obviously gets turned off when the user does not pay or when the trial period expires) of the problems faced is that the HW does not have a means of having an internal clock to provide data or time...the HW is being redesigned to this capability but the question is how does one acquire time and data information from a reliable/authentic/independent source?? We have thought of adding a GPS  module but pricing for this particular application is prohibitive and even if we do it I have the feeling that this would require a major redesing of the HW and SW to support a GPS module, the other option is to connect to the internet and acquire the data from a designated web site...the problem is that this a hand held and we can't force the customer to connect to the web everytime the user turns on the device??? On the PC SW side we have the same problem??? If the PC is not connected to the web then we have to be forced to use the internal clock...but this could be manipulated by the user to extend forever the license??? Does anybody have faced the same problem??? Any suggestions???

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