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vrf Error: Messagge 'deactivate' sent to freed object

Question asked by durin on Jan 31, 2005
Dear all,
I have a very strange error on a VEE file when run under WIN XP SP2.
The problem happens at the end of run, when I chick everywhere on the
screen. The Error is : Messagge 'deactivate' sent to freed object.

I saved the file with a different name, but it is still there.

If I start again the same file it starts and makes everthing it has to,
but gives this error at the end.

I only have a clue, not sure it is related. I use a dataset to start the
programm. Sometime I change the file, and the error seems to be related
to this change.

But... I tried to use it on Win 2k, and it works without problems.

I use VEE 6.03

Thanks for any help
Gianfranco Durin
Istituto Elettrotecnico Nazionale Galileo Ferraris
Strada delle Cacce, 91 - 10135 Torino Italy
tel: ++39 011 3919839    fax: ++39 011 3919834
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