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vrf Transmitting brackets

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 3, 2005


Thanks for your answer, I found the solution by myself.

To transmit () they nee to b written in {} like Test.pwrup{()}.

Then the construct


Set oWsh=CreateObject("WScript.Shell");
owsh.AppActivate ("c:\windows\");

will execute correctly with a = Test.pwrup{()}.

Kind regards


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Tamm, Heiko wrote the following:

> Hello All,

> I like to transmit the following c-like command with brackets() into
> the variable "a" of the formula part: oWsh.SendKeys(a);

> The command is: Test.pwrup()

> The brackets are not accepted by the system and thus the command will
> not be executed.

> Question:

> How can it be done to transmit the brackets?

> Does anybody have an idea?

There are two things that Vee might think you are trying to do.

1. Do you want to execute the function Test.pwrup and feed the result
from that function into oWsh.Sendkeys, or

2. Do you want to have the text string "Test.pwrup()" passed into
oWsh.SendKeys as a string?

If it is the first, then you need to construct the formula outside of a
Formula box and use the Formula Control Input (Add Terminal, Control
Input).  See the attached example.  For the second, also see the
attached example.

Hope this helps

Graeme Hilton
R&D Engineer

Schlumberger Sensa

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