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vrf installation for VEE7.5

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 20, 2005

Good morning,

every thing is alright? i hope so.

for along time we bought a networklicence for VEE5.0 with 10 users. we had
need vee on more as 10 computers but simultaneously working maximum of 6
developer with it. so we made a copy from the installation on the
networkserver and created a batchjob for less than 10 registry and
startmenue entries. so everybody works with the same and the same
version of vee.
now my question:
How can we solve this (network installation) for vee 7.5? we don't wont run
the complete installation routine on every computer.

thanks for your comments and help

Viele Gre
Best regards

i. A.

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