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vrf VEE Pro 8.51 unstable

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 2, 2008
I am using VEE PRO 8.51 on computers with both Windows2000 SP4 and WindowsXP SP2 and I keep getting the "VEE Serious Error" when I make changes to the program I'm working on.  Then the VEE session crashes and I can't get rid of the "VEE Serious Error" dialog box ( it flickers on and off and is gray not red anymore) nor can I get control of the computer.   I also can't get the Task Manager to come up. The only option seems to be to power down the computer and re-boot.  I know other people have posted about this but dDoes anyone have any more ideas what might be the problem here?  It's making software development a nightmare.  I used to cut and paste from one VEE session to another and I know that has it's problems but all the changes I am making are in a single program.




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