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vrf VRF VEE 7 Print Screen Problem

Question asked by arthur.weedon on Mar 29, 2005
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2005 by arthur.weedon
Hello VRFers,

I too discovered that the print screen object behaved very differently in VEE7 to that of the previous versions. 

Is it now be doing what it should have been doing previously?  The help description of this function is the same as for previous version and indicates that it just takes a bitmap of the screen, but its behaviour is definitely different.

The only way I found to get around it (and print 8 point fonts so that they are readable) was to make what was previously on the main window on a user object and then add a print terminal to the object.  This appears to then do what the old print screen function did and print objects with lots of text such as logging alphanumeric properly as postscript as the text can be zoomed in on correctly (I use acrobat distiller to create report PDF's).

It has been frustrating to have to modify programs to cater with an unexpected change resulting from the upgrade.



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