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34970A datalogging and switching

Question asked by frenky77 on Apr 16, 2012
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Hello everyone!
I'm using an Agilent 34970A for a long time to log TC temperatures data with a 34901A multiplexer and using the classic Benchlink software.

Now I need to do a new step.
I'd like to buy a 34903A Actuator and use it to control an experiment: I'll try to simply describe it.
I'm logging 10 different TC temperature (from the 34901A). When one of these temperature reaches a certain value the system must automatically close a certain channel on the actuator (so that a refrigeration system starts...). When the temperature goes back below the choosen value the channel on the actuator must be automatically opened again.

I thought that the standard Benchlink software make this simple operation for me with the command "Tools>Switch control" or using the alarms but someone told me it could be useful to learn to use the Command expert.

Is it possibile to program the simple operation I described here with one of the two softwares?

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I found on the Benchlink software help the following sentence about the "Switch control" tool:
"You can configure a switch to open or to close in response to an alarm. The Switch Control dialog box shows these alarm-based operations."
In the Alarm properties section there are other useful info about opening or closing channels on a 34903A module.