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vrf Program Mis-behaving

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 27, 2005
It seems, that the issue is triggered by the last assignment of Var1, which is a record with no fields in it.

If instead you erase Var1, the problem goes away.


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Subject: RE: [vrf] Problems with variant containing record

> Can anyone figure this one out?

Not me. Check this out:

If you add a formula "Var1 = asVariantEmpty(0)" at the top, it runs multiple times. But to get it to run the first time (after running it as your original post), you have to change the scope from "Global" to "Local to function" and back again.

IOW, run it once. Run it twice: error. Add "asVariantEmpty(0)". Change scope from Global to Local. Change scope back to Global. Run. Run. Run. Run. Very strange.

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