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vrf clallserial.dll header

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 22, 2005
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2005 by VRFuser
> If so, would appreciate the modified header file for Vee.

That one's pretty easy: hSerRef is int, don't worry about INT32/UINT32
(they're both int) and INT8* is char*.

int __stdcall clFlushPort(int serialRef);
int __stdcall clGetErrorText(char* manuName, int errorCode, char* errorText,
int* errorTextSize);
int __stdcall clGetNumPorts(int* numPorts);
int __stdcall clGetNumBytesAvail(int serialRef, int* numBytes);
int __stdcall clGetPortInfo(int serialIndex, char* manufacturerName, int*
nameBytes, char* portID, int* IDBytes, int* version);
int __stdcall clGetSupportedBaudRates(int serialRef, int* baudRates);
void __stdcall clSerialClose(int serialRef);
int __stdcall clSerialInit(int serialIndex, int* serialRef);
int __stdcall clSerialRead(int serialRef, char* buffer, int* bufferSize, int
int __stdcall clSerialWrite(int serialRef, char* buffer, int* bufferSize, int
int __stdcall clSetBaudRate(int serialRef, int baudRate);

Note that 0 is not a valid character in text so you won't be able to transmit
or receive a 0 (using this scheme anyway).

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