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vrf Web access

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 7, 2006
> Shawn ?

Right on all points. Telnet is probably the easiest way to get an application going on a remote machine. WBEM connection to Task Manager is probably also an option if Telnet isn't secure enough.

Remote operation is another question entirely. Unless the app is built with client/server in mind then remote control through Remote Desktop, PCA, VNC, Goto My PC or similar is easy. The problem then becomes simultaneous access.
Ever watch two people trying to run the same PC?

Terminal server is another option. Clients start VEE on a Terminal Server session & so basically everybody gets their own private remote session, but the VEE application has to be built with that in mind too. Usually, multiple copies of VEE all doing the same thing on the same computer is a bad thing.

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