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vrf Search for Cell in Excel for VEE 5/SHAWN/Labview

Question asked by ashley on Jan 25, 2006
> Does anyone have an Active X example
> of how to search the first column of
> an Excel sheet for a text string.


I think I have my own workaround for this problem .  I put the  formula
=MATCH(C1,A:A,0)   into a cell in my template sheet and write the text
string I want to find into the next cell in that row. The formula will
determine the row number into which the unique reference is positioned. I
can then read that entire row  which holds the test parameters I need.

I have done everything using DDE  which I know is frowned upon but it seems
to work OK (OS XP SP2)
Always have trouble translating the Active X from a recorded macro in Excel
into VEE code which works !! Will try to translate what I have done above
into Active X and post.

I too don't want to get kicked of  VRF. But here goes.   I have just made a
small donation to S_ _ WN. Shame on me for not appreciating him earlier.
Lets all rally round and do the same !! I am only a small 'one man band' so
come on you corporates - do the same as me.

Just had a job sorting out a non working test rig which uses LabView5 / NI
DAQ card. Got it working by having to do a self taught crash course on LV5.
Makes you appreciate VEE. Tried a demo of LV8 but that didn't impress me
either. Got no practical help from NI (promised to call me back twice but
never did) in the UK but now flooded with post and emails tring to sell me


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