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vrf question on HP 11713A Attenuator/Switch Driver

Question asked by dkramarsky68 on Nov 17, 2005

I just got a HP11713A ATTENUATOR/SWITCH DRIVER and 2 programmable step attenuators (
8494H and 8496H )

I can use direct i/o and send those strings of charactors such as "A12B5678"  and get the
attenuator pads to switch on/off.

Q:   Is there an instrument driver for this so that you can send a decimal number, like
63, and have the attenuoator re-configured for 63dB?

-dan k.
san diego

Dan K.
'92 Grey Dak CC, 318, 4x2, 46RH, 3.55 rear, 235/75R15, PS, PW, PB, PL, AC.

Mods:  Cool air,  K&N oil/air,  180* T-Stat,  Autolite 3924s, re-located IAT,  Trans-Go shift kit.

Future:  Swap motor for a slightly modified Magnum 5.9L engine.

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