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AW: vrf VEE and Suite 14 IO Libraries Installation problem

Question asked by detlef.baranski on Nov 8, 2005
Any News in this item ?
I want to install 14.1 with 7.51 and a NI-PCMCIA GPIB Card.
Should I not do that ?

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Betreff: RE: [vrf] VEE and Suite 14 IO Libraries Installation problem

For what it's worth, I experienced the same problem a month ago and just to
get back in productive mode, had to uninstall vee 7.51 and the IO libs
version 14.1. I'm currently back to Vee 6.01 and only the latest NI drivers
- no Agilent IO libs. I have an NI PCI-GPIB card installed.

Rumor has it there's a patch for IO libs 14.1? but I haven't had time to
reinstall everything and try the patch.  We have tons of pre vee 7 code we
use in our lab and need to upgrade everything to 7 but are holding until a
solution is found. We need to be able to function with both versions
installed and functioning properly.

Our symptoms after vee 7.51 & io Libs 14.1 - Direct IO can talk once or a
couple of times and then hang err 811. No more comm.. until the program is
closed and re-started, where it will talk one or more times and then hang
again err 811.

Please stay on this because we have some Vee 7 only programming requirements
in the very near future.


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Subject: [vrf] VEE and Suite 14 IO Libraries Installation problem


Have some issues with VEE 7.0 installation.  Finally upgraded my VEE5.0
(yeah I know old) to VEE 7.0.  Installation says I/O Libraries 01.01.04 or
higher has to be installed.  Didn't have the disk with me.  So installed IO
Libraries Suite 14 from Agilent's web page.Looked like an improved version
of IO Libraries.  Installation also uninstalled my M01.00 IO Libraries. 

Started my program and I can't talk to any GPIB instrument.  Get VEE Run
Time Error Error number:811.  Typically I see this only if the instrument is
off or disconnected. 

*) VEE5.0 w/ VEE 7.0 installed on top
*) Suite 14.
*) NI GPIB card

When I search for instruments in NI Max, I can see them.  I can talk to the
instruments.  When I start Suite14 it works as well.  But VEE can not talk
to any instruments. 

Is Suite 14 the same as IO Libraries?  As I understand it, VEE7.5 requires
Suite 14.  What am I missing?

Next step is to uninstall Suite 14 and then reinstall IO Libraries M01.01.04
from my CD.  Should I try anythign else?  Suite 14 does not have an
uninstall in "Add/Remove Programs"


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