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vrf Wentworth LABMASTER SW with VEE - Request for Information

Question asked by rsb on Jan 9, 2006
"Mark Carangi <> wrote:
> Hi;

> Does anyone have experience using VEE with LABMASTER software from
> Wentworth?

> LABMASTER is designed to control the XYZ positioning of programmable
> semiautomatic analytical wafer probers manufactured by Wentworth.
> LABMASTER is a windows based graphical application but does not
> interface to test and measurement instrumentation directly and instead
> (appears) to use a simple TTL level handshake protocol between the PC
> and the prober. I'd like to add a GPIB interface and use VEE to
> stimulate and measure response from chip dies on the wafer under test.
> Wentworth has documented a 2 PC, 3 GPIB card configuration for prober
> and instrument control. I'd like, instead,  to use one PC and have
> LABMASTER "call" VEE routines (or vise versa?).  Does anyone have
> experience with LABMASTER? Or, more generally, how do I call VEE
> routines from inside LABMASTER or call LABMASTER from inside VEE?

quick perusal via the web says that Labmaster is ActiveX capable,
so driving it from VEE should just be a case of getting the
right docs from Labmaster folks. At that poiunt you'll be
adding it as an Active X automation object in VEE and exercising
it from a formula box.

Start with their support folks and get the needed docs- and hopefully
an example program or two using the ActiveX interface.

Depending upon how their code works you'll be able to control the prober by
controlling Labmaster via Active X- or directly from VEE assuming
you can find the docs for that also.


Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994

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