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vrf C++ vs. VEE runtime

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 2, 2006
"Clif Drew" <> wrote:
> Has anyone ever gauged the test time delta for a C++ compiled vs. HP
> VEE test program? Is there an approximation available for this?

It is not possible to give a general answer because it depends upon so many factors. To start with most test instruments are themselves slow or communicate slowly in comparison to most anything you can do on your computer. Given this many if not most test routines spend the bulk of their time doing I/O, in which case the time spent in number crunching is minimal to irrlevant.

A tight compiled program will of course be faster than the same VEE code but if that code is only 5% of your test time the difference isn't relevant.

Of course if you spend little time doing IO and lots doing number crunching then this changes. Hence no general answer is possible.

Often the best answer is a hybrid approach:

Start by imnplementing the test itself or at least estimating it based on previous experience. Then determine what parts of the test take how much time. The VEE profiler is great for this. If you find that a section of number crunching is the bottleneck then implement that section in C.



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