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vrf Open Office w/VEE

Question asked by rsb on Oct 26, 2005
"Shawn Fessenden" <> wrote:
> > Does OO even have an API? If so what does it look like?
> Apparently several:
> Click "developer-specific features" in the TOC.
> Seeing as how this came from Sun, I'd expect a Java-like something at the
> core. There's no mention of Automation, but then again I'd be surprised to
> find that as this comes from the "Kill Bill" crowd.

digging down- it turns out that they have - not unexpectedly-
a full custom unique API, BUT they also have a bridge from that ( UNO)
to COM so it would seem doable to control OO to at least some extent.

I expect that the bridge was added on by some realist somewhere
in that crowd that decided to let folks actually use the interface
in a std environment. Obviously not from Sun. And like Shwan
I expect it all is Java-like.

> Likewise, I can't find any mention of Linking or Embedding as in OLE, but
> again that's a Microsoft term and is probably avoided like the plague.
> Similar concepts probably exist but are called something else.


I didn't dig too deep but didn't see any detailed docs.


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