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vrf vrf digest: October 29, 2005

Question asked by mrowe on Jan 30, 2006
You can probably find a dll that will control the parallel port from VEE.
Start with "Parallel Port Central" You'll
find all kinds of parallel port programming info. Scroll down the page and
you'll find...

"Inpout32.dll is compatible with my Win9x inpout32.dll (below) but works
under all Windows editions from Win95/98/Me to WinNT/2000/XP. For Windows NT
etc., a kernel mode device driver is embedded in the DLL in binary form.
Freeware. A big thank you to LOGIX4U for coming up with this and making it
available. For testing inpout32.dll in Visual Basic 6, see my example
program For testing inpout32.dll in Visual Basic
.NET, see my example program"

Martin Rowe
Senior Technical Editor
Test & Measurement World

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jim McClymer []
> Sent: Monday, January 30, 2006 4:02 PM
> To: VRF
> Cc: VRF
> Subject: Re: [vrf] vrf digest: October 29, 2005
> Hear Hear!  The parallel port *was* such a useful port- great
> for all sorts of nifty and fast things- But my laptop doesn't
> even have one. Seems a shame because they work so well with
> TTL levels vs the hassles of RS-232.
> Jim
> Robert Reavis wrote:
> > I want to be chiming too.
> >
> > Dear Boeing:
> >
> > Please lean on the Agilent rep and press her to add direct
> I/O support
> > of the parallel port and the USB port.
> >
> > The last request for parallel port was met with an excuse that they
> > are evolving and changing and that it is too hard to maintain
> > compatability. Maybe so, but my HP LaserJet 4 and its parallel port
> > connection has survived for over 12 years,  DOS 6, Win3.1, Win95,
> > Win98, WinNT, Win NT4, Win2K, WinXP Home, WinXP Pro, 80486,
> Pentium,
> > Pentium 2, Pentium 3, Celeron, AMD, eSystems, Sony Viao, home-made,
> > KDS, IBM, Acer, Gateway, Versalogic, D-Link, and several
> more I do not
> > remember.  Now, tell me again why it is too hard to make a simple
> > parallel port driver inside VEE that can can have direct
> I/O access.
> > You can make your program print text and graphics using elaborate
> > conversions to numerous printers, how about a simple direct
> output? My
> > byte onto my pins, plain and simple, with no conversions.
> >
> > About ten years ago I was in a VEE class in the HP building
> in Santa
> > Clara on Stevens Creek,  The instructor made the point that VEE was
> > intended for quick and simple programming of hardware.  I
> still use it
> > that way and do a number of oddball things using a few bits
> from the
> > parallel port to control digital objects.  Not everything
> is IEEE 488,
> > IEEE 802, serial, Active-X, Excel, or Microsoft.
> >
> > I still work with real hardware involving voltage, current, mass,
> > time, solder, rosen, smoke, and even a mirror. Prallel port
> I/O from
> > VEE would make life a lot easier for me.
> >
> > Is there anyone else on this planet who would like to endorse this
> > request?
> >
> > Robert Reavis
> > Warm Springs Computer Works
> > Fremont, California
> >

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