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34970A through RS-232 to a Laptop with Windows XP SP3 - SWEET SUCCESS!

Question asked by jrevefel on Apr 3, 2012
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I am proficient with computers and electronics but I am new to the 34970A.  I've read the notice about using RS-232 with a Windows OS and searched and read and much as possible on this forum, the manuals, and otherwise about the 34970A and the Benchlink Data Logger 3 software.

From what I've read, it certainly seems possible to operate all of this equipment together - I just need some help getting through this proecess.  At this point, the Connection Expert recognizes that the 34970A is on COM3, but throws a warning that 'Some of the device information did not match the previous setting' which I have no idea what this means or how to move forward.

I have currently installed the following:
Data Logger 3 v4.2.00
IO Library Suite 16_2_15823

When I currently run Benchlink Data Logger and search for the 34970A under 'Add Instruments' and 'Find' a message is returned in the 'Find Instrument Status' window that '5. Communicating with ' and '6. Error occurred during interaction with instrument at address: ASRL3::INSTR reason in (Communication error occurred.)'.  While taking the same action in a previous installation, I would receive a time-out error but I had some other drivers (IVISharedComponents and VisaSharedComponents) installed that I have since deleted in order to start out fresh and have a complete understanding of what's required to get this thing to work since it has not been so straight-forward thus far.

So, I assume that I need to begin by trouble-shooting the connection within Connection Expert in order to get the laptop to recognize the 34970A.  How do I move forward?

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