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vrf Vee Execution Panel accessible from Web

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 23, 2005
> It's nearly a month already I
> haven't given any news.

Not a problem! I'm up to my ears in stuff myself

>> So Christophe(r?), let me put
>> this question to you: Would a
>> solution that only deals with
>> button clicks be acceptable?

> Yes, it would be enough for the
> application I'm working on now

In that case it's probably not all that difficult. I can't remember exactly,
but I think I was thinking of an application that would ask you to identify
which buttons would be clickable and generate a page that would transmit
their coordinates to the server. The rest of the html is basically a picture
sent by the server. I don't know how to overlay buttons on a picture, but
I'm sure it can probably be done.

It's pretty easy to limit access to one person at a time.

>>(Look at my web site and imagine a
>> two-way Snap Remote. Get it?)

> What's your website address?

Check out Spy On Shawn. You click a window handle and you get a picture of
that window (if it has anything to show anyway). The idea for this VEE thing
is pretty much the same - snap a picture of VEE and send it to the client.
When you click a button on the client, it transmits the coordinates to the
server and the server clicks the button at those coordinates. Not that bad.
It's a simple idea that's suitable for simple scenarios. I.e., the VEE
application is full screen and a single panel, or the VEE screen never moves
and all panels are locked in position.

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