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vrf VEE & Tektronix Wavestar software

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 17, 2005
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Thanks Shawn.  I just found out that this isn't going to work the way that
I had hoped.  As it turns out, Tek has developed their own version of VISA,
based off of the NI VISA.   And their VISA will not work with anything else
but that software package.

Thanks again, and now off to plan B.  I may end up having to use VEE to
pull all of the data from the scopes and save them into a text or CSV file.

Thanks for the help.


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> i saw some examples a few weeks ago that used VEE
> to control other programs.

The best way to control other applications is to use it's exposed
interface, but not all applications expose an Automation interface.

The sure-fire will-handle-almost-anything way is to use SendKeys. As long
the programs you want to control provide hotkeys, keyboard accelerators or
the fields & buttons you want to interact with are reachable using the Tab
key, you can use SendKeys.

The SendKeys method is implemented by almost any VB or VBA library - for
instance the Word or Excel Application objects or the Scripting library.
can find the classic SendKeys example at in
"Tools & Tips" or in the VRF Archive - search attachments for SendKeys.

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