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vrf how to write a file to a directory that doesn't exist

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 21, 2005
To expand on Mattew's experience,

I am the same. I learned LabView 15 years ago. What are we now LV 7.12.
Remember they have bug fixes aswell. As we all do!!!!

I hope it doesn't turn into NOW'58, NOW'59...etc.

I learned Vee (Probably3.0) a year later.

'Cant make an old dog do new tricks' springs to mind.

I promote my techs to lears LV, but still Vee is easier.

I Have given up on  Vee DAQ supporters like measurementcomputing, and I use
here. Vision, motion, DAQ, all NI, but written  in Vee ActiveX

I have still got to get an answer on the most flexible 'formulabox input'
Vee does this very well. LV does not have this option???

I canot remember the person who decided to solve this for me away from the
VRF, by taking this offline, but I still haven't got an answer

BTW LV load time - ~20 minutes 2 CD's

Vee -------------- ~3 minutes 1CD

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