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vrf Averaging Data

Question asked by rsb on Aug 10, 2005
"DUNSMORE,JOEL (A-Sonoma,ex1) <> wrote:
> Or, if yo want to use less memory, you can try an IIR filter
> (running window average).  For average factor N,
> out = firstin
> oldout=out
> out = 1/2 oldout + 1/2 secondin
> out = 2/3 oldout+1/3 thirdin
> ...after N inputs...
> out=[(N-1)/N]*oldout+[1/N]*currentin

Exactly- the basic structure allows you to expand to any sort of
filtering that you like. I suggested FIR filter since it is
simplest- always stable and causal- unlike IIR filters. But you
are quite right- there's any number of ways that the filtering
can be more sophisticated.



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