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Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 16, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2007 by VRFuser
Dear All,

Oh, for a degree in computer science or better yet to be a full time programmer or drunk!

I am trying to get an instrument to work that needs a checksum using VEE, but I don't have much to go on other than the following from the manufacturer.

Communication is based on a standard RS232 port. All bytes are ASCII except the two CRC bytes used for a redundancy check. Each command starts with four bytes of command type, followed by a variable length value section. The two CRC bytes follow the value string and a carriage return ends the string. Each command string will vary in length but, can not exceed 26 bytes. 
Command String = {4 command bytes + variable length value + 2 CRC bytes + carriage return} < 26 bytes. 
Note: Some commands that request information to be sent back start 

The following is a C version of calculating the cc bytes. 
while(!(crcString [j]==0){ // loop through string and calc a crc until null char 
crc = crc ^ ((INT16U) (crcString [j] * 0x0100); 
if(crc & 0x8000) 
crc = (crc<<1)^0x1021; // prime number 
crc = crc<<1; 


if((crc & 0xff00)==0x0d00) crc +=0x0100; // increment if byte is carriage return 
if((crc & 0x00ff)==0x000d) crc +=0x0001; // increment if byte is carriage return 
if((crc & 0xff00)==0x0000) crc +=0x0100; // no zero bytes allowed 
if((crc & 0x00ff)==0x0000) crc +=0x0001; // no zero bytes allowed 

It will take me a week to figure this out and I would probably enjoy it but its well beyond my skill set and I am in a time-pinch. Any chance one of you experts has a VEE sumcheck program or can parse the above into VEE?

Any help would be much appreciated. Payment will be in virtual beer.

Best wishes,

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