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vrf OT: 'toxic' postings

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 9, 2006
I've gotten a couple of VRF postings lately that have crashed my Eudora (7.0), with an "unhandled exception" error.  For these particular messages, the problem seems to be repeatable - if I reboot and then try to view the same message again, I get the same problem.  All the same, it could just be me.

The specific messages I've had trouble with are ...

- 1/25/06, "[vrf] Interest in Agilen for UNIX-like: LINUX, Soaris or BSD",
   from Carlos Jimenez  (accent on the 'e').

- 2/8/06, "Re: [vrf] Allen Bradley PLC, from Robert A Marquardt

If anyone is using Eudora and having (or not having) this problem, I'd appreciate hearing.  Per the Eudora user fora, there is, or isn't, or used to be, some problem like this.


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