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vrf Contained C objects aren't ... objects?

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 17, 2005
> So, I expect you'll need some kind of super cross-compiler
> that can recognize any MS or dotNet Classes and recompile.

Well yes a Windows emulator would be central to the whole thing. If it did
involve trying to modify VEE and recompiling then it wouldn't even be worth
investigating in the first place - Agilent are the only folks who could even
think about that.

Anyway, I'm sure not planning on walking down any of these roads! I've got
enough confusion with this C# thing.

Was it you that use C# regularly? Or was that Detlef? FWIW I've verified
proper operation of the VEEProcBool assembly both in C# itself and at the
debug level when used with VEE. I can't imagine why VEE isn't dealing with
it normally. Lots of .NET objects contain other .NET objects and they work
fine. Obviously I'm missing something very basic, but I just can't figure
out what it is.

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