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Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 30, 2005

The problem doesn't seem to be just that; In my case, savePanelImage works with color
depth set to 256 (default) or 65536, but does not work for any other settings including
down to 8 or 16.


--- Shawn wrote:

Oops! Yes I see. Well, for capturing bitmaps software is supposed to check for valid
color depth (bits per pixel) *before* calling CreateCompatibleBitmap, but it looks like
VEE is just passing the given value through without checking first.

Exactly what a valid value is depends on your video hardware/driver,...

--- Vinod <> wrote:

> Hello,
> The savePanelImage function works fine for saving to .jpg
> files and .bmp files (with default 256 colors).
> Changing color depth to anything other than 256 causes error
> when saving to .bmp
> Example: savePanelImage("myFunction","C:\Temp\Test.bmp", 512)
> Notice this problem both in VEE 6.01 and 7.5. Has anyone seen
> this?
> -Vinod

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