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vrf how to write a file to a directory that doesn't exist

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 21, 2005

If you are running Windows XP, then it's a simple matter of executing
one DOS command prior to your write statement.

In an "Execute Program (PC)" box, set the following:

Run Style: Minimized
Wait for prog exit: Yes
Prog with params: cmd /c md "C:HarryTom"
Working directory: [leave blank]

I always recommend using quotes in case there are embedded spaces in
any of the folder names.

(Of course, if you are running Windows 9x, you can disregard the above
gibberish and start petitioning the powers that be at your workplace
it's past time for some upgrades!) 

Mike Groves

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Subject: [vrf] how to write a file to a directory that doesn't exist

Is there a simple vee way to write a file to a directory that does not
That is, create the file and the directories.

Ex. we have C:Bob available. 
I'd like to write to C:HarryTomfilename

So I'd like VEE to create Harry and Tom, before writing filename.


P.S.  I lost the address to Shawn's archive, can you post it again.

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