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vrf Definition file structure

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 26, 2006
> Would someone be kind enough to run a
> sanity check on my definition file structure?


> long IQV_fft_analyze(long iqv_handle, long scenario);

int __stdcall IQV_fft_analyze(long *iqv_handle, int scenario, <float? double? int?> *fft_struct);

The __stdcall is valid only if IQV_DLL_API breaks down to __stdcall, which it probably does. If not then it's __cdecl and you'll definitely know (cuz it will blow up

The long will work for return type and scenario - it's just nice to match the original type. As far as IQV_FFT_STRUCT_TYPE goes it could be (and probably is) a very different story. It depends on just what the declaration of this type is. Since it's an fft it may use a floating point type. If not then it will probably be a scaled int or long. Even if it's a mixed type, you can still call the function but it might be something of a headache. Post the declaration of IQV_FFT_STRUCT_TYPE and that will answer remaining questions.