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vrf Precision Timing

Question asked by rsb on Jan 26, 2005
"Pickles, Warren" <> wrote:
> I need to send a particular command to an instrument, wait for a precise
> period of time, then send another command.  Problem is, this period of time
> needs to be accurate to the microsecond. 

That's not going to happen inside any common desktop OS
using any software solution. That includes Linux, Windows, HPUX,
openBSD, whatever. None of these desktop OS's are capable of
realtime control like you are referring to. Consequently no
software of any flavor running inside them will do the job.

If you really need miscrosecond timing you have two basic choices:
(1) use a realtime OS ( there are quite a few ), in which case
    you won't be using VEE ( or labview or VB, etc).
(2) implement a hardware solution controlled by your application
    in a desktop OS. In this case, the realtime control would
    be implemented in hardware that is connected to your computer.
    The VEE program would read/write data to this controller.
    There's many options for buying a realtime controller
    or you could build something yourself.

Desktop OS's are great for lots of things- realtime control is not
one of them.



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