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vrf reading LVDS

Question asked by ron.simonson on Feb 17, 2005
Good morning Alex,  I am using the PCI-CDa high speed digital IO card
from EDT for LVDS use.  I am currently using it under Linux but they
have a very good API for Linux and I believe their Windows API is
essentially identical.  Their support is unbelievable and I have no doubt
that they can help you get up and running very quickly.  When you call
the help line you get direct access the the engineers that designed the
board and who wrote the software for it.  I plan on trying the card with
VEE sometime in the near future.

  EDT Incorporated
  1100 N.W. Compton Drive
   Suite 306
  Beaverton, OR 97006
   503 690 1234   Voice
  503 690 1243   FAX

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