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vrf FSO FileExists bug

Question asked by rsb on Nov 2, 2005
"Shawn Fessenden <> wrote:
> > You get Windows to run continuously for a few months?  Wow. 
> Oh yeah! It's easy: no popup blockers, no spyware, no crapola anti-anything.
> Heck if the power didn't fail occasionally they'd all be running non stop.

Same here. I admin a bunch of Windows machines and typical uptime
is 6 months or more. Taken down only for maintenance and power failures.
Except for laptops of course!

If your Windows machines have problems running continuously
then you have bad hardware or you need to admin them better.
As Shawn points out one item to take care of is to disable
viruses, popups, spyware and that sort of stuff.


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