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vrf Reading Excel range into VEE

Question asked by gregwale on May 8, 2003
Hi Warren,
FYI My product Vxl uses the formula method to retrieve up to 2D arrays from
Excel also, but it sounds like you got that taken care of already. It also
has a way to retrieve the results of a calculation in a cell for a single
cell if you are interested in how, let me know.
Best regards,
Greg Wale

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> Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2003 3:39 AM
> Subject: AW: Reading Excel range into VEE
> Excel gets damned slow in visible mode.
> Just switch the visible mode off and after use of your routine on again.
> ExcelApp.Visible = TRUE; Its slow ;-(
> ExcelApp.Visible = FALSE; It gets fast
> Best regards,
> detlef
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> Von: Pickles, Warren []
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> Betreff: [vrf] Reading Excel range into VEE
> Hello,
> I have attached a small VEE program, adapted from one of the examples, to
> illustrate something which has been giving me a headache.
> I want to read the contents of an Excel worksheet into VEE, as a 2D array.
> I set up a variable called "sheet", which is an object variable of the
> worksheet class.  Then I use sheet.Usedrange.Value in a formula box.
> Sometimes this outputs a 2D array, sometimes a record.  The data type of
> the
> output seems to depend on the data in the cells.  If the data are all of
> the
> same type, a 2D array is outputted.  If the data are of mixed types, ie
> some
> are real numbers, some are text, a record gets outputted.  It doesn't
> matter
> if you go into excel and format all the cells as text; if any of them can
> be
> read as numbers you still get a record.
> I can't find an easy way to convert the record into a 2D array.
> The way around the problem is to loop through the each cell, get its
> value,
> and collect into an array.  But there is a time penalty for this, and I
> will
> be working with large sheets.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Warren Pickles
>  <<ExcelProblem.vee>>
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