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Re2: vrf vrf digest: October 29, 2005

Question asked by rsb on Nov 2, 2005
Graeme Hilton <> wrote:
> I never understood how "replace" worked.  It never seemed to do what I
> expected
> it to do.

Let's say you have an object "A" that's hooked up somewhere
in your program. And you like to replace that object with a different
one- "B". But there's all sorts of connections that you don't
want to redo.

instantiate "B" and set it up the way you want- ideally matching
the pinouts of "A" so that it will drop in cleanly.

bring up "A"'s menu and choose "replace"
the cursor changes to a crosshair
click on "B" and drag it into place

Note that "A" ends up in your cut buffer, so that if you
immediatley do a "past" then you'll have A sitting disconnected.
Also VEE will do its best  to hook things up if the pinouts
of "A" and "B" don't match

very useful at times.


Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994

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