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PNAX Is there a way to perform swept IMD type measurement on regular spurs?

Question asked by rok on Jan 18, 2013
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My question is the following. The Swept IMD for converters measurement class allows you to sweep the 2 input tones across a frequency range and measure the corresponding intermodulation of interest. Is there a way to configure it to be more generic than that by only having to use 1 input tone across a specified RF frequency range to sweep and being able to specify and measure a particular spurious of interest on the output side? 

For example, for my downconverter, if my LO=10GHz and my RF input range is 25 to 30GHz. I want to sweep my singular RF tone across the RF input range (i.e. 201 pts) and be able to specify what spur of interest to monitor on the output side. If I want to look at the 2IF spur, then the overall output would be from 30 to 40GHz. Then if I want to look at the RF-2LO spur, then the output would adjust to be 5 to 10GHz.


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