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vrf Question about enabling a 36 selectable matrix for 2 HP-E3631A power supplies

Question asked by rsb on Apr 28, 2005
"Les Hammer" <> wrote:

> > What I'd suggest here is to take a look at the VEE examples- "Battleship"
> in particular.
> It's always amazing when the "games" turn out to be useful for "real work."
> This isn't the first time that this has happened, nor will it be the last.
> Yet, upper management is usually not supportive of games.

For sure. In this case, "battleship" provides the basic structure
to allow a graphically-configurable test station. You could easily have
the operator shoivng various instruments around on the screen
and hook them up using this structure.

In short operator could do some very sophisticated runtime config
behind a very simple and easy to use interface.


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