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vrf Is Vee 7.5 stable?

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 18, 2005
Hi All -

I'm wondering if vee 7.5x has had much usage amongst the vrf folks and
if there are any issues that one should know about..
I tried 7.50 when it came out and got burned by the matlab sript bug so I'm
now quite hesitant to use 7.5 again..

Any thoughts on whether or not 7.5x is stable enough these days?

Also how about compatibility issues between 7.0x and 7.5x?
I use both 7.0.6310 and 7.03.7416 and noticed some incompatibility between
the two versions; any problems using 7.5 files with previous 7.x versions?

Kind regards,

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