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vrf HP6622A and ramping DC

Question asked by rsb on Aug 20, 2003 wrote:
> Hello VRF-ers,
> I'm trying to use Vee 5.01 and a HP6622A dual PS to ramp/step a voltage down
> from 14V to 6V. My problem is I need to control how long it takes to get
> from one voltage to another; like 10ms. If I let Vee step from 14V to 6V in
> one step, it takes 1.86ms.

The 6622a manual specs a 7ms typical command response time. Hence
to get enough control to ramp in a repeatable 10ms is very unlikely for any
software solution, VEE included.

You need a hardware solution or a different instrument.

One thing you might look at doing- if you always want this
10ms ramp- is to add a capacitor to the output of the supply lerge
enough to slow response as much as you need. This means slow
in both directions of course, so may not do what you need.

If you have changing or tight specs on the ramp you probably should
be using a waveform generator of some sort.


Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994

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