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vrf Using Matlab as an Automation Server in Vee

Question asked by christophe.chevallier on May 3, 2005

I'd like to use Matlab in Vee as an Automation Server. I want to use the
Matlab methods "PutWorkspaceData" and "GetWorkspaceData" to send and load
variables to/from Matlab.

I can use the "PutWorkspaceData" but I can't get the "GetWorkspaceData" to
work properly.
My aim is as simple as :
     assigning variable "a" to a number in Matlab from Vee (using
"PutWorkspaceData" or "Execute" methods) and retrieving the value of
that      variable "a" stored in the Matlab Workspace to Vee.

Maybe you can help me,


Christophe CHEVALLIER.

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