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How to cut off an electronic load (N3300A) when undervoltage detected

Question asked by bebop75 on Jan 18, 2013
Good morning

First of all i would like to greet all of you .. im new here!

Issue description:
I have a test setup with a battery to be discharged by electronic load (N3300A) and a data acquisition instrument (34970A) periodically acquiring battery voltage level. Inside 34970A there is also a 34903 board.
What i would like to implement is an automated system that operates in such way:
when the discharging battery voltage goes under certain voltage level, the electronic load shall be cut off, stopping the discharging
Now, i said automated because i would avoid to use software control (like Labview)
I see that in N3300A back panel there is external trigger input. 
So im asking if it is possible to control the Electronic Load via switch output relay of 34903 board, when event occurring, without software intervention

thank you in advance