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vrf Windows ME to Windows 2000

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 10, 2006
Hi ,
      my work computer was recently changed from one using Windows ME to one using Windows 2000. The IT manager had tried installing the HP82350A PCI GPIB card  with my original I/O library disk which is revision H.01.00. but failed to get it to work.
I looked on the Agilent site and found that I need a later version of the I/O libraries to use Windows 2000 so I downloaded J.02.00 version. I tried installing it and found that when I ran the config IO that it recognised the HP82350A PCI GPIB interface and added it. When I opened VEELab 5.02 (a cut down version of Vee5) and tried to find instruments it reported that "the GPIB interface does not exist". It looks like it is still using the old libraries. My programs controlling RS232 still work but it doesn't see the GPIB board.
I installed the VEE 5 as a user and it works ok for the RS232 but do I have to get the IT manager to install the new libraries for me as the Administrator for them to work?
On a slightly separate issue, is there any reason to not use a later version of libraries, e.g.14.0. as it still supports the HP82350A and Windows 2000? Would this give me access to USB instruments or is this a VEE 6/7 thing?


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