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vrf How to detect a NI-DAQ board in VEE(7.5)?

Question asked by brian_vee on Aug 9, 2005
From what I've been able to deduce, VEE only supports older NI
hardware that is supported by the "Traditional" NI-DAQ C API.  The
PCI-6509 board requires the newer NI-DAQmx API.
      I've seen some VEE material that says the list of supported
hardware is on the VEE web site, but I haven't found that list.
      I suspect Agilent is going to support newer NI hardware, but I
don't know their plans.


<> wrote...
>My VEE(7.5) cannot detect the NI PCI 6509 (96ch I/O board) when
>running the "Instrument Driver" in VEE.
>The properties for the NI board is set to:
>Name:           PCI_6509
>Interface:      NIDAQ
>Driver Type:    NI-DAQ
>Address:        Dev1    (found by running the NI application:
>Measuerment and Automation)
>Live Mode:      ON
>Description:    Optional
>Using some functions in the 'NI-DAQ Driver' in VEE, the VEE respond
>a Run Time Error message: 'Possible , the configured address string
>is incorrect....'
>It also propose to write the address in this way:
>'DAQ::<deviceNumber>', but no success!
>The NI VISA.dll,  was installed after the VEE(7.5)  installation.
>Anyone having similar problem??

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