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Re2: vrf Programmatic selection of instruments

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 7, 2007
Richard Wilson <> wrote:
> Yes, I am using multiple serial RS232 instruments. Each shows up under
> a different COM port so maybe i am chasing the impossible.
> > I'm not sure that VEE will allow a
> > direct IO objects to be programmatically assigned to different
> > physical interfaces.

Since with serial devices all you are changing is the address ( 9,10, whatever ) I'd pretty much expect this to work. I doubt that VEE cares or even knows that 9 and 10 are different physical interfaces.

You would of course need to set up the interfaces in the IOLIB's and I suppose you may need to create dummy instruments in the instrument manager so that it also understands the interfaces, but otherwise I'd expect this to work.


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