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Question asked by thulbert on Jan 12, 2005
To our fellow vrf-ers:
Several years ago, we asked you for assistance in developing a book on VEE Pro.
More than twenty of you responded; several of you made significant
contributions that are recognized in the Preface of our book entitled: VEE Pro
Practical Graphical Programming (ISBN 1-85233-870-9). The book is available at,, and If you require quantity
orders (ten or more) for group training, contact for pricing and ordering information.
The book starts with an introduction to the various components of the VEE
program. It ends with a very sophisticated program that continually monitors
and automatically calculates the statistics of a devices temperature and
pressure, warning the user (with both visual and audio alarms) whenever the
devices output is too high or too low. Also included is a lesson on how to
design, or redesign, programs to be more efficient and productive.
This book is structured for the technical staff supporting the work of the R&D
engineers. Therefore, it is applicable for technicians, designers, and
technologists who need to learn and use VEE in order to perform laboratory and
manufacturing data analysis and to write programs. It has eighteen lessons and
more than seventy labs; completing each lesson requires approximately two
There are six comprehensive appendixes that are useful for the experienced user
as well as for new program developers. For example: Appendix B, where the major
headings are cross referenced the major headings from the text, will be
powerful for program developing and debugging. The other appendixes contain
detailed descriptions of all program features and functions.
Without the support of many of you, this endeavor would not have been possible.
We hope that you find our book useful in the development of new applications
involving VEE. Please contact us if you have any ideas as we are beginning the
development of a VEE 7.0 version. It is exciting for us to be offering a book
that supports one of Electronic Design News hot 100 products of 2004. We
hope you continue to develop successful systems and programs using VEE Pro.

Bob Angus and Tom Hulbert

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